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Lakewood’s BMG Will build 600 Apartments on a College Campus Nearby

By 01/22/2023 4:31 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On 36 acres that it is buying from the Georgian Court University campus, Beth Medrash Govoha intends to build 600 apartments.

The BMG Yeshiva in Lakewood, acquiring the site from the nearby school, has reportedly applied to the expansion.

The university and BMG agreed to sell 36 acres in March 2022. Even though the land is in the R-12 zoning area, which only permits single-family homes on 12,000-square-foot lots, a provision authorizes multi-family dwellings.

Under the Township’s Planned Educational Campus ordinance, which allows a “not-for-profit institution of higher education that is…fully accredited and licensed…and one that offers both undergraduate and graduates degrees and is devoted to higher education and no other forms of education,” to build a campus, the application will reportedly be proposed as variance-free.

The report claims that for the property and all buildings to be eligible for the ordinance, they must only be constructed by the institution of higher education and not by or in conjunction with any investor group, construction business, not-for-profit organization, or other third parties.

Additionally, the yeshiva may only lease the apartments to its residents, faculty, staff, or immediate families.

According to the submitted blueprints, the project will build 600 flats, playgrounds, and a childcare facility.

Each of the six multi-family structures will have a playground in front of it.

Additionally, a childcare facility will have its building. Additionally, brand-new roads will be built, and old ones will be upgraded.

The proposals call for more than 1,195 parking spots, more than the Township’s one space per unit required for campuses.

Ninety slots will be prepared for electric vehicles.



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