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Latest NYPD data show NYC school weapons recoveries have skyrocketed by 80 percent

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The latest crime data from NYPD has shown that the student weapons seized in schools have soared to 80 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The NYPD data has shown that a number of guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, and city kids were taken from students this academic year.

A Queen’s principal said the surge reflects on the crime situation of the city as a whole.

“If it’s more dangerous out on the street then this is what you are going to see,” the principal said.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone,” the principal added.

Sources said a total of 3,315 weapons were recovered in Department of Education schools from July 1 to February 20 of this academic year.

It was learned that in the same period h in the last pre-pandemic year in 2019-2020, the figure was 1,845 — an increase of 80 percent.

The NYPD said from 2019-to 2020 only one gun was recovered from students compared to 14 firearms seized from students this year.

Aside from guns, the NYPD data has also shown that tasers have soared, jumping by a whopping 591 percent.

Between July and late February, 325 tasers have been recovered — compared to just 47 during that period in 2020.

The discovery of knives has also soared by 25 percent from 1,134 blades in 2020 to 1,420 at present.

The number of pepper spray and brass knuckles seized from students has also increased by 326 percent from 279 to 1,190.

Greg Floyd, the head of the city schools safety agents union, revealed some kids carry weapons to aggress while others do so for self-defense.

“Kids are scared,” Floyd said.



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