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Latin American Legislators Pledge Support For Israel

By 01/30/2023 5:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Sunday, a group of pro-Israel lawmakers from Latin America called on their nations to embrace the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism and to encourage religious support for Israel.

The timing of the gathering, immediately following two terrorist assaults in Jerusalem, one of which fell on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, added to its significance.

The parliamentarians from ten nations, including Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, lead their respective parliaments’ Israel Allies Caucuses.

The Israel Allies Foundation oversees a network of more than 50 such coalitions worldwide.

According to Mario Bucaro, minister of foreign affairs for Guatemala, “Jews and Christians working together to promote support for Israel and Judeo-Christian principles may make a meaningful influence across the globe.”

He told JNS that his group’s presence symbolized peace, solidarity, and support for the State of Israel.

After the United States opened its embassy in the city under President Donald Trump in 2018, Guatemala became the second nation in the world to do so.

It also has a long friendship with Israel, having been the first nation in Latin America to recognize the newly established Jewish state in 1948 after the momentous United Nations vote in favor of Israel’s independence.

“We enjoy being the first and anticipate deepening our connections.”

Fidel Reyes Lee, a congressman from Guatemala who played a significant role in the relocation of the embassy, said: “In every conference in Latin America about the region, we speak about legislation and education about Israel and the human knowledge Israel brings us with hi-tech and innovation helps people’s awareness.”

The Dominican Republic’s Deputy Dorina Rodriguez said, “We are proud to support Israel with the formation of a group of lawmakers who love Israel, especially at this important moment with the excellent relations between both countries.”

The Dominican Republic recently became the fifty-first nation to join the parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus network.

After the session, the legislators developed and signed a resolution that urges Latin American nations to study, adopt, and use the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism, which has been endorsed by 39 countries and more than 1,100 organizations since it was created in 2016.

Sacha Roytman Dratwa, CEO of the Combat Antisemitism Movement, whose organization co-hosted the event, said, “With Israel under attack and anti-Semitic hatred flourishing on an unprecedented level globally, it is time for friends of the Jewish people and state both across Latin America and worldwide to stand up and take meaningful action.” Promoting the adoption and tolerance of immigrants is one of the best ways for policymakers to make a difference in the collective fight against anti-Semitism.

The Israel Allies Foundation established a decade and a half ago, has become a force with its network of pro-Israel caucuses around the world based on common Judeo-Christian values.

It mobilizes support for Israel across the globe through faith-based diplomacy. Its success, occurring at a period of increased anti-Semitism worldwide, is evidence of the concurrently developing ties between Israel and the generally friendly evangelical Christian community worldwide.



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