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Leading Rabbis, including Yated Neeman, Call Ben-Temple Gvir’s Mount Provocation “Unnecessary”

By 01/04/2023 12:17 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following Itamar Ben-ascent Gvir’s of the Temple Mount on Tuesday morning, the Yated Neeman newspaper lambasted him harshly.

According to the newspaper, Ben-Gvir provoked a situation that could result in Arabs with a vendetta against Jews killing them.

The newspaper claimed that there “wasn’t even the slightest benefit” from Ben-visit Gvir’s in an article titled “Superfluous and Dangerous Provocation.”

The newspaper claimed that Ben-“snapshot Gvir’s parade for a few minutes on Temple Mount at an early morning hour succeeded in agitating the Arab world, annoying the rest of the world, and engendering a harsh American condemnation and sharp criticism from other countries, including friendly ones.”

“The visit further emphasized to all of us that the Temple Mount is not really in the hands of the state of Israel, especially not when a minister needs to stage an elaborate ruse and arrive at an early hour when no one is around, to be escorted by hundreds of police, and to incite Arab rage and threats of retaliation by murderous terror groups,” the statement continued.

The newspaper continued, “Such irresponsible shows endanger Jewish lives and play into the hands of the murderous ideologists of Hamas and the Islamic movement, who use such pointless and inane acts to convince the Palestinian rabble that the Yahud will remove Al Aqsa from its place and they need to perform beastly acts.”

Who permits such individuals to put Jews’ lives in peril unnecessarily and violation of halacha? For what purpose? Since they won’t be constructing the Third Temple, why stage a victory parade if not to profit from the media? ”

Ben-activities Gvir’s were also “completely prohibited” under halacha and the decrees of the Chief Rabbinate, according to Sephardi chief rabbis Yitzchak Yosef and Shlomo Amar and prior Sephardi chief rabbis.

Ben-Gvir received a letter from Rabbi Yosef informing him of the halachic ban and requiring him to uphold the Chief Rabbinate’s decisions due to his position as a state representative.

Ben-Gvir replied by quoting Yated Neeman as it appeared on the Ynet website on his Twitter account.

“Yated Neeman is against a state for the Jewish people and against secular people living here,” he wrote to Ynet. Do you concur with that? ”

Ben-Gvir condemned the “racism” that prevents Jews from attending services or even approaching the Temple Mount without police supervision during an interview with Israeli television.



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