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Leaky Faucets Are A Safety Issue On Boeing 787s, According To The FAA

By 04/09/2023 4:32 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Authorities are concerned that faucet leaks in Boeing 787 planes could endanger passengers’ safety by allowing water to enter the aircraft’s electronics while in flight.

On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration suggested inspectors conduct routine checks and replace faucet parts when leaks are discovered.

The action was taken in response to allegations of bathroom leaks into electrical equipment areas beneath the cabin floor.

According to the FAA, the leaks might harm vital components and prevent further safe takeoffs and landings.

According to the government, one airline discovered a damp carpet in the cockpit of a jet and found “several” 787s with leaky faucets when it assessed its whole fleet of aircraft. The FAA did not name the airline.

The problem, which has been linked to an O-ring seal and is being described as a gradual leak — roughly 8 ounces of water per hour — was disclosed by Boeing to airlines in November.

Boeing claimed that the problem only affected a small number of 787s, although the FAA rule would apply to all of them.

The FAA cited the additional checks as a stopgap measure while the manufacturer redesigned the faucet components.

According to a Boeing representative, the redesign is finished, and the company is coordinating with its customers and suppliers to decide when planes can be retrofitted with new components.

On its website, the Japanese company Jamco claims to be the sole supplier of restrooms for all two-aisle Boeing aircraft, including the 787. The business didn’t answer right away.

The FAA plan will be open for comments for 45 days before becoming a final order.

The 140 aircraft in U.S. fleets would be subject to the inspections. The Boeing 787 is known as the Dreamliner. It is a larger aircraft than the 737 Max and is frequently utilized for lengthy international flights.

Due to FAA concerns about production problems, Dreamliner deliveries have been suspended for various periods over the past two years.

However, deliveries have recently restarted following the most recent interruption.


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