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Left-wing protesters harass Eli Pre-Military Academy’s head in Tel Aviv

By 09/20/2023 9:06 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


At the Rosh Yehudi Jewish outreach center in Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, dozens of protesters showed up to forcefully disrupt a Torah lesson given by Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, head of the Bnei David pre-military institution in Eli.

In several instances, Rabbi Levinstein has expressed his opinions about the LGBTQ community, saying that they have turned a “sexual tragedy” into an ideology.

According to Rabbi Levinstein, people with unconventional tendencies may and should be treated, and they shouldn’t take pride in or work to maintain their tendencies.

Rabbi Levinstein’s walk was obstructed by demonstrators using megaphones, and they then pursued Yisrael Zeira, CEO of Rosh Yehudi. Police stopped several protesters from physically attacking Rabbi Levinstein and his adherents with flagsticks.

In response to the demonstrations, MK Simcha Rothman said: “As expected, the thugs who persecute and harass, curse, and threaten, under the pretense of freedom of demonstration against elected officials, are now harassing religious people in the street.

This is a flagrant display of hatred for anyone who is different from them while flying the Democratic and Equal banner. “It is a disgrace,” said Rothman, “that law enforcement officers and opposition figures silently support those who attacked Yisrael Zeira and the Rosh Yehudi organization.”

In response, Likud MK Tali Gotlieb said: “This is left-wing activists playing out Kristallnacht. Jews are being persecuted for no other reason than their religion, faith, and practice of Judaism.

This is how left-wing activists have demonstrated their auto-antisemitism, and this is what occurred in Nazi Germany.

Whether on the left or the right, whoever does not denounce the recordings of this degrading barbarism contributes to the demise of Judaism. History is constantly cyclical.

The incident was condemned by opposition members as well. I’ve known Rabbi Levinstein for a very long time, said Matan Kahana (National Unity). Despite our disagreements, he has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities. Never did he endorse or promote violence.

Positions that are challenging for people to hear are the key instances where free speech is put to the test. It is awful that we have come to the point where a renowned rabbi needs police protection due to his views.

To reduce the heat, we must all exert our best effort. Brotherhood unites us.

Rabbi Levinstein made the following statement about the incident on Wednesday morning: “I came to Rosh Yehudi in Tel Aviv to show solidarity for my buddy Yisrael Zeira.

He sacrificed his privileged lifestyle to move to Tel Aviv and live there for the sole aim of fostering love and preserving Jewish identity. This doesn’t seem to have stopped anyone who supports liberalism from criticizing him, according to Rabbi Levinstein.

“As in everything I do,” he continued, “my purpose in Tel Aviv was to describe the processes we are going through so that the entire Israeli community would comprehend how good people had fallen for incitement and progressive propaganda.

How they have turned so hostile in the name of peace. And I’ll keep acting in this manner.


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