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LinkedIn Introduces ‘Career Explorer’ tool To Help Job Seekers

By 11/01/2020 12:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As professionals continue to lose jobs and the unemployed fail to bag new opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic, LinkedIn has been working on various features to help boost hires for those in search of one. The business-led social network has now launched a ‘career explorer’ tool that shows job seekers how their skills relate to thousands of job titles and what skills they still need to build. 

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Apart from the previous “open to work” addition this year, LinkedIn has also introduced a new ‘Hiring’ profile photo frame that helps hirers signal open roles to their networks. As far as the new career explorer tool is concerned, the app will show new jobs by mapping the job seekers’ skills to open roles and find a new, alternative career path for them. With this addition, users will be directed to online learning courses to learn new skills, so that they could be eligible for these allied career pathways. 

According to the analytics by LinkedIn, the competition for jobs is 30 percent higher than last year and many are looking to pivot their careers due to the COVID-19 impact on industries. LinkedIn data shows that professionals from recreation and travel, retail, and corporate services are more likely to look for jobs outside their current industry, given the limitations that have been imposed since earlier this year.


“In this environment, continued learning and investment in new skills is really critical for job seekers in order to get them back on their feet,” Karin Kimbrough, a chief economist at LinkedIn, said during a press conference.

Through these new changes, LinkedIn will also help job seekers prepare for an interview by showing common questions asked in product management, marketing, and sales jobs to help them stay ahead of the game. 

Source: Official LinkedIn Blog

Kimbrough also added the dire straits of the market saying, “We’re seeing some improvements, but it’s not going that quickly, and in many countries that haven’t contained COVID, hiring is likely to hit a ceiling until a vaccine is widely available and distributed.”

The new ‘Corporate Explorer’ tool will help professionals see options for a new career path which might be based on the job seekers’ current or previous role, skills, and residence. The tool also highlights any additional skills that may be required to make the transition, along with the right LinkedIn Learning courses to build these skills. Furthermore, the tool also connects professionals to other LinkedIn members for advice and support.



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