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Lower Manhattan Residents Disappointed as Judge Okay’s Shifting Homeless to Hotel

By 10/19/2020 4:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Trying their best to block Mayor Bill de Blasio’s upcoming decision to move 240 homeless men from an Upper West Side hotel to a Radisson in their neighborhood this week, Lower Manhattan residents were disappointed with a court ruling that okayed the Mayor’s orders. 

In another bid to stop homeless people from infiltrating neighborhoods due to societal concerns, a group of Lower Manhattan residents lost an emergency bid to block Mayor Bill de Blasio from moving 240 homeless men to a Radisson in their neighborhood. On Friday, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Debra James ruled that the relocation, scheduled for today, would not cause any “immediate and irreparable harm” to a neighborhood group called Downtown New Yorkers Inc. As of now, Judge James has allowed the suit to continue and set a court hearing for Nov. 16. 

Source: Medium

This comes after several neighborhoods around the city reported cases of a severe misdemeanor of homeless men and women, who were conducting illegal activities and laying waste to the otherwise civil pockets of the city. In August, residents from the posh Upper East Side vicinities filed a lawsuit against the Mayor, forcing him to move out the temporarily posted homeless from the Lucerne, back to their shelters. 

Following the concerns of a possible billion-dollar class-action lawsuit by lawyer Randy Mastro, a former deputy mayor to Rudy Giuliani, authorities took the decision of swiftly vacating the Lucerne and hurriedly shifting the homeless men to another shelter, from which hundreds of disabled homeless people were evacuated within a day. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

A subject that has garnered immense criticism, with de Blasio facing flak for bending the rules in favor of the rich, several other neighborhoods, including those around Brooklyn, have also complained that the relocation of the homeless into their locales was causing troubles to residents, and their children. 

According to the recently filed bid, the Downtown New Yorkers felt that the prime concern was that the homeless men could cause safety problems because of substance abuse and mental health issues. Speaking to The Post, Christopher Brown of Downtown New Yorkers said, “The city has repeatedly moved these men from shelter to shelter, disrupting their lives without any plan.” 

Source: Chicago Tribune

Further claiming that the group will continue pursuing the matter, Brown said, “It would be unconscionable for the city to move the men into 52 William Street knowing that they might be forced to move again in several weeks. The neighborhood is committed to its ongoing legal strategy on this matter.”


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