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Many were surprised by the Japanese prime minister’s lack of security

By 04/17/2023 11:56 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The lack of protection for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida astonished the fisherman who tackled the man suspected of the second attack on a Japanese political leader in less than a year.

In this fishing port, Kishida was attending a campaign event when Tsutomu Konishi, a fisherman, noticed something fly overhead and land close to the prime minister.

According to Konishi, a security guard covered the item with a bulletproof briefcase. The fisherman swarmed the attacker.

At the port of Saikazaki on Sunday, Konishi, 41, said, “I never believed a crime like this would happen in my hometown, which is a relatively modest fishing area. “I’m still in awe and shock.”

Even though the prime minister was unharmed, Konishi considered on Sunday how Japan should better protect prominent people, like many other Japanese citizens.

Perhaps a metal detector was necessary when Japan’s current prime minister was in town, Konishi remarked.

A 55-year-old Saikazaki fisherman named Masaki Nishide claimed that locals and supporters of the local candidate made up the majority of attendees at the gathering on Saturday.

He noted how distinctive it was to see the young man with the silver-gray bag.

Nishide added while sporting a sweatsuit and red rubber boots, “People here all dress like me, and nobody carries a backpack; it was just him.” If I had been responsible for security, I would have requested a bag check.

One of the fishermen grabbed the suspect’s neck from behind after the failed attempt on the prime minister, another forced his head down, and Konishi got hold of his leg.

Police pulled the man to the ground while they were holding him.

The disorderly situation was reminiscent of Shinzo Abe’s murder nine months prior, which spurred police to strengthen security after an inquiry revealed gaps in Abe’s protection.

During a campaign address, Abe, one of Japan’s most prominent and polarizing politicians, was shot and killed with a homemade gun.

Tetsuya Yamagami, the suspect, is accused of murder and multiple other offenses, including breaking gun control regulations.


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