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Mayhem Outside the Roosevelt Hotel as Illegals Camp Out in Droves

By 08/02/2023 6:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The Roosevelt Hotel’s south door on 45th Street, around the block, up Vanderbilt Avenue, and around 46th Street, almost to the hotel’s north entrance, have been strewn with migrants for days.

People have been utilizing cardboard as mattresses and umbrellas as sun protection. Ivory Coast native Fofana Hamed remarked in Spanish, “I couldn’t register, and they aren’t going to help.

I haven’t showered or groomed in the five days that I’ve been here. The Legal Aid Society has threatened to bring a lawsuit against New York City because it appears that the city is not complying with its legal requirement to give shelter to everyone who seeks it, as evidenced by the fact that individuals are camped out on the streets.

According to Joshua Goldfein of the Legal Aid Society, “The federal government could also solve the problem tomorrow by allowing people to work.”

The hotel serves as a humanitarian assistance facility for families with children as well as an arrival hub for migrants where they can get food, medicine, and other supplies. (It is reportedly the only object that is not a hotel.)

The majority of those standing in line to register for shelter on the sidewalks encircling the hotel’s block at Vanderbilt and 46th have been single men. One person claimed,

“They don’t let them go anywhere; no shower, no bathroom.”According to the office of Mayor Eric Adams, incidents like these might become more frequent as the city struggles to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants drawn to NYC by the city’s free services. Omar Sall, who claimed to have experienced persecution in Senegal, claimed to have been camped out there for three days.

We need a place to rest, take a shower, and pray, he remarked. America is good, though. We enjoy the nation.


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