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Mayor Adams backs NYPD after judge questions cops’ conduct in the arrest of rapper C Blu

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A day after refusing to issue comment on the observation of a Bronx judge that the arrest of a teenage drill rapper is questionable, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has issued a statement supporting the police officers who arrested rapper C Blu.

“That young man was shot because he had an illegal gun. That’s why he was shot,” Adams said on Thursday.

“That police officer was shot because that young man had an illegal gun for the second time — let’s be clear — this is not the first time, this is the second time he had an illegal gun. Now, it may be me, but I have a problem with that,” Adams added.

On Wednesday, instead of providing answers to the claim of a judge questioning the cops’ credibility in the Bronx assault case against teen drill rapper C Blu, Adams reiterated his earlier stance that we need to get rid of the street of illegal guns.

“I agree with the judge that there is no denying Mr. Williams had an illegal gun on him that night — a gun that ended up injuring both him and a police officer. This was Mr. Williams’ second gun-related arrest and exactly the reason why we need to work to get guns off the streets,” Adams said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Bronx Supreme Court Justice Naita Semaj found that arresting officer Taulant Gjonbalaj had given “incredible and unreliable” testimony about the Jan. 18 confrontation with the teen — and that cops had no legal justification for stopping and searching him.

During the scuffle, a gun in the 16-year-old’s pocket went off, striking the legs of Williams and another officer, Kaseem Pennant.

Like Adams, the NYPD also refuses to answer the direct question of the judge citing instead the fact that the police officer was wounded in the incident.

“A 16-year-old and a police officer were each shot and wounded in this incident. The bullet came from a gun being carried by a teenager who was released in a prior gun arrest. The officers were on patrol that night for the sole purpose of keeping our citizens safe. Those are the most critically important elements of this case,” Deputy Commissioner of Public Information John Miller said.

“This is dangerous work but the intent is to foster peace and achieve just outcomes for all New Yorkers whether they are victims, witnesses, or young people who make wrong decisions to carry firearms. We may respectfully disagree with the judge, but we intend to litigate this case in the courtroom,” Miller added.



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