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Mayor Adams slams Hochul on migrants

By 08/17/2023 10:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Mayor Adams retaliated on Thursday when Gov. Hochul’s legal staff published a harsh analysis of how the immigration problem, which is costing the Big Apple money, has been handled.

Hizzoner argued that it is unfair that “over 99 percent” of the shelters are housed in New York City because the crisis affects the entire state. In order to prevent communities outside of New York City from outlawing migrant shelters, he urged Hochul to issue an executive order.

“I believe that New York City people have been unfairly burdened with a national and state issue. Only.05 percent of New York State’s landmass is occupied by us,, an irate Adams declared on Thursday at a press appearance in Manhattan. “That’s just unfair to New York City,” he continued. Adams told reporters, “We are entering into individual court fights where everyone is finding inventive ways not to be the state and country that we are.

Through her attorney on Wednesday, Governor Hochul criticized City Hall’s handling of the migrant inflow, alleging that Adams has not only been sluggish in reacting to the situation but has also refused to use a number of locations as state-provided shelters despite claims that the shelter system is inadequate.

When the authorities informed the migrants that they couldn’t give them a room for the night, the situation appeared to reach a breaking point earlier this month when dozens of migrants camped out in front of the famous Roosevelt Hotel turned shelter. “Having anyone sleep outside was never desired.

The dam cracked! I’m not sure how to say this more emphatically, but nobody slept on our streets for a year and a half. Every day I stood here at this podium and declared that the dam would finally burst, said Hizzoner. “When the dam burst, the water flowed, and in this case, that water was made up of people who had to spend the night outside the Roosevelt Hotel.”

The city claims the migrant crisis has put emergency pressure on the system and is challenging the decades-old right-to-shelter law that requires the Big Apple to offer temporary housing to those who want it.


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