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Mayor Adams wants NYC to be a city of God

By 04/03/2023 11:58 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Mayor Adams started going to a food bank in Hell’s Kitchen every Wednesday a few months ago to aid the city’s hungry.

The addition to his routine might be seen as political theater; after all, politicians in the city have been giving out food in exchange for votes ever since Tammany Hall; nonetheless, Adams’ drop-ins have had a message unusual for contemporary mayors of New York City.

From his point of view, they serve as both an outward expression of his faith in God and a means of restoring lost confidence.

The mayor frequently mentions these visits as an example to others and to demonstrate that he is not just the mayor but also someone who practices what he preaches when discussing religion, which he has done more frequently recently.

Adams emphasized his time distributing food to transform the city into a “place of God” at one event centered around faith and mental health rather than discussing public issues.

Imagine how they would feel if they saw someone standing there wearing a hijab, a clergy collar, a yarmulke or a kufi, or someone dressed in Buddhist attire. “They will start to regain their faith, and they will start to believe again,” he said.

“If you could see their faces when they walk down the line, and they’re given food, and they see their mayor, that their mayor is there with them.”

“What we are trying to do in this city is take a shattered child, one that was dyslexic, arrested, and rejected, and now he’s elected. I don’t apologize for being the mayor of New York because he is a man of God.

His comments on religion, which include words challenging the separation of church and state, clarifications of those remarks, and remarks on prayer in schools, have attracted attention, to put it mildly.

“Elected officials try to lead a perfect life and a sanitized existence. Simply put, I don’t want that, he said. “Government should identify and address issues.

It’s intended to come up with answers. And they cannot avoid those answers out of fear that they are unpopular or forbidden.

Knowing the solutions is part of our work, you know? Also, I believe that spirituality is lacking.

That might be the case, depending on one’s perspective. Nevertheless, many people don’t understand what, if anything, is driving the mayor to talk so much about faith, religion, and God and whether or not his words will ultimately bring people together or divide them.


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