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McCarthy Justifies Allowing Tucker Carlson Access on January 6

By 03/01/2023 11:15 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Despite the conservative commentator’s work spreading untrue claims and conspiracies about the 2021 riot over Joe Biden’s election, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is standing by his decision to grant Fox News’ Tucker Carlson “exclusive” access to the security footage of the Capitol attack on January 6.

The Fox News commentator received priority, but McCarthy promised to release the over 42,000 hours of private Capitol Police security footage to the general public “as soon as feasible.”

McCarthy, a Republican, is also in favor of granting access to some of the almost 1,000 defendants accused of participating in the siege.

As Congress was calculating the election results from the states, then-President Donald Trump urged a crowd of supporters to “fight like hell.” Five people died in the attack and its aftermath on January 6, 2021.

No matter your position on the matter, I don’t care. Because of this, I believe that the truth may be seen by making it known to the entire American audience. McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol, “See exactly what happened that day.

“Have you ever had a private? Considering that I frequently observe it on your networks. According to McCarthy, we now have exclusivity, after which I will announce it to the entire nation.

The release of the copious amounts of police security film by the speaker has sparked outrage at the Capitol about the possibility that the photographs could be used as a political tool to rewrite the events of that tragic day. Regarding its broadcasting of untrue assertions about the 2020 election, which Trump lost to Biden, Fox News is now under increased scrutiny in a second court lawsuit.

Also, it’s causing new worries about delicate security procedures at the Capitol.

While footage from the Jan. 6 riot was already widely broadcast as part of the public hearings last summer by the House committee investigating the attack, McCarthy is making nearly 42,000 hours of footage, three times what was first seen, from cameras stationed in all corners of the Capitol complex.

This includes footage from police cameras, documentarians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who filmed secret locations, and even the rioters.

“We are genuinely afraid that the broadcast of video from the violent rebellion on January 6 may expose some security details that could pose some difficulties for everyone’s safety and well-being on the Capitol Complex,” said Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y.

The House Jan. 6 committee went through a laborious procedure, according to Rep. Bennie Thompson, the former chairman, to collaborate closely with the United States. As part of its public hearings, Capitol Police will analyze and make good portions of the camera film available.

The Mississippi Democrat added, “I’m in favor of a procedure if this is true openness, that would not undermine the integrity or security of the Capitol.”

According to a person involved with the private conference meeting but not permitted to discuss it publicly, McCarthy was hailed with cheers when he informed other Republicans about his decision on Tuesday.

Carlson, a prominent Fox News pundit who has criticized McCarthy’s leadership, and the speaker have had a tumultuous relationship.

However, earlier this year, when the California Republican was vying to become House speaker in a protracted party vote, Carlson finally resigned. That was said to have aided McCarthy’s ascent to the position.

McCarthy asserted that he was taking precautions to guarantee that the publication would not compromise Capitol security, but he would not elaborate other than to say that Carlson had made it clear to the speaker’s office that he did not want to reveal “exit routes” taken by lawmakers or others.



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