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MDA Announces Agreement With NY-Based Hatzolah Air To Offer Medical Evacuation Hospital Services In Israel

By 02/05/2023 6:15 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

To jointly offer medevac hospital services in Israel, the Magen David Adom (MDA) medical emergency response team and Hatzolah Air of the United States has inked a partnership agreement.

A fleet of medivac aircraft is operated by Hatzolah Air, which has its headquarters in New York. Each month, the company receives numerous requests from the United States, Israel, and other nations for airborne rescues.

Eli Bin, director-general of Magen David Adom, stated that this alliance “will ensure that gravely injured and critically ill Israelis who find themselves distant from medical institutions will obtain the vital care they need.”

Additionally, it strengthens the long-standing cooperative link between MDA and the American Hatzolah movement.

According to Eli Rowe, president of Hatzolah Air, the two groups have had a long-standing partnership.

According to Rowe, “Hatzolah Divisions from all over America dispatched teams of doctors, paramedics, and EMTs to Israel in their hour of need when Israel was under missile attack or reeling from terrorist bombings.”

High-level training undertaken in the US and Israel is similarly provided to American and international Hatzolah members by MDA.

More recently, MDA has made its cutting-edge dispatch technology available to its American colleagues.

MDA offers medevac flights out of Tiberius in northern Israel and close to Be’er Sheva in southern Israel, offering coverage across the country for those who are seriously hurt or ill but are a long way from hospitals or the specialized medical care their situations call for.

MDA has worked with Lahak Aviation to provide medevac services since it began doing so in Israel more than 15 years ago.

This new initiative will go into effect before the contract with Lahak expires to guarantee continuous and uninterrupted medevac services. According to the deal, all medical crews will be made up of MDA paramedics, as has been the case from the program’s inception, while Israel-based Brook Aviation will supply pilots.

Bin said, “We worked well with Hatzolah Air on medical evacuations in the past.

“This has included solitary patients as well as numerous injured refugees, patients, and Holocaust survivors in the case of our recent efforts to transfer Ukrainians to Israel. We anticipate that Hatzolah Air will enhance and broaden MDA’s airborne medical evacuation capabilities.

Hatzolah Air’s partnership with MDA offers the organizations the potential for expanded medical flight services, including transporting patients to or from Israel for specialized surgeries and offering international relief flights during natural disasters.

Hatzolah Air is an organization that is solely dedicated to providing emergency medical flights using both helicopters and jets.
At the end of the day, Rowe added, “strengthening the collaboration between Hatzolah Air—and all the Hatzolah chapters—[with MDA] is all about achieving one goal.”

The goal is to save more lives.



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