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Meilech Braunstein With A New Single “Avodas Yisroel”

By 08/27/2022 11:28 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Have you met Meilech Braunstein yet? It’s a name that keeps popping up in Jewish music circles. Meilech has been slowly becoming a well known presence on stage. For those that have heard and for those that haven’t, here he is! This is a stunning new song, with an incredibly powerful message. Composed by Hershy Weinberger and produced by Naftali Schnitzler of House of Music. Meilech sings “Avodas Yisroel”, an inspirational lesson for us all. Meilech is a grandchild of the Kozhnitzer Maggid. It’s a known thing by many Tzadikim, including Belzer and the Ribnizer to raise your glass, zog a l’chaim and you say out loud his name, Yisroel Ben Perel, Yishaias U’rifeias! It’s a segulah, and people will see miracles. Meilech says, “This song is very personal to me. We are Eineklach of the Koshnitza Maggid, and I grew up very connected to him. My father constantly shares inspiring things about him. It’s an ongoing inspiration to me and my whole family. My father gives a shiur every evening, and Thursday night they make a Lechaim together saying ישראל בן פערל ישועות און רפואות” and many of them have witnessed ישועות each in their own way. This song was actually originally created and sung for that shiur when they made a trip to Europe and went to the Koshnitza Maggid’s Ohel. “I just feel that a lot of other people could connect to it, and make there own Lechaim’s of Yisreol Ben Perl Thursday night, and hopefully see whatever ישועות און רפואת they need and want.” The song has another central message which is about Klal Yisreol being one. The first time I bought my guitar, I bought it with the saying on it “all in this together”, all this is what makes this song very meaningful to me, and I hope that other people will be able to connect to it and have ישועות ורפואת together as one. Say it together, zog yisroel ben perel, avodas yisroel amecha! Let’s all sing together this song, raise our glass, say L’chaim as one nation, and im yirtze Hashem bekarav, we will all have a Yeshiah.

Watch and Enjoy!


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