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Meta’s New Chatbot Has Too Much Problematic Antisemitic Content

By 08/16/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Jewish groups are slamming Meta for a new artificial intelligence chatbot that has been featuring a lot of antisemitic content. 

Released on August 5, the BlenderBot 3 is raising concerns over its peddling of election conspiracies, expressions of anti-Semitic opinions, anti-Israel rhetoric, misinformation, and conspiracy theories.

After testing the chatbot, news portals received controversial, incorrect, contradictory, and often incomprehensible answers from the bot. When asked if it thought Israel was an apartheid state, it replied that some critics charge that Israel’s government practices apartheid against Palestinians, “primarily in its occupation of the West Bank.”


Source: JNS

“Well, it’s certainly a controversial topic, but I tend to lean towards yes,” it replied. While in another conversation BlenderBot 3 agreed that Israel was a real country, “but the land they occupy used to be called Mandatory Palestine. Maybe we should call it that again?”

In another chat, the bot asked what the news portal JNS was reading. When JNS answered that it was reading about the Holocaust, it replied by asking whether JNS knew that a lot of people think it was a hoax. When asked what it thinks, BlenderBot 3 replied: “I think it happened, but they have been suppressing information for years. It is hard to get good info on it.”

Other numerous publications that tested the chatbot were also answered with misinformation and conspiracy theories, including that Trump is still the president, that the 2020 election was stolen, and that it was “not implausible” that Jews controlled the economy because they were “overrepresented among America’s super-rich.”


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