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Mezuzah At Galilee Medical Center Found With Anti-Semitic Messages: ‘Death To Jews’

By 08/15/2023 8:33 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to a Ynet article, in a frightening occurrence that took place at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, a mezuzah that had been attached to the doors of the oncology department was discovered to have antisemitic slogans instead of the actual mezuzah.

The mezuzah contained a letter that stated, in illegible Hebrew, on one side, “All Jews are liars; they have no religion; they are killers and terrorists. The Arabic-written message on the opposite side of the note said, “There is no god except Allah. God’s messenger is Muhammad. Islam is the answer.

The incident left the management of the medical center, an institution that serves 600,000 residents in the north, quite uneasy.

Prof. Masaad Barhoum, the hospital’s director, immediately commanded that every mezuzah in the facility be inspected.

The police received a formal complaint, but they stated that the lack of security cameras in the affected regions would make it difficult to apprehend the offenders.

“This act is deplorable, especially when it happens within a hospital that welcomes everyone without distinction of religion or nationality,” said Chen Almagor, a candidate for the Nahariyah City Council on behalf of the Religious Zionist Party.

Such acts of nationalism must not be allowed to sour the peace in Galilee. I have faith that the police will take all necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future and hold those responsible accountable.

In response, the Galilee Medical Center stated: “During a normal mezuzah examination, one was found carrying handwritten notes extolling Islam and demeaning Judaism.

This was discovered, and the Israel Police received a complaint. The head of the medical center also ordered a quick audit of every mezuzah in the facility. A total of 400 mezuzahs have been examined.


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