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Microsoft plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs globally

By 01/18/2023 11:36 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to claims published in the media on Tuesday, the Microsoft Corporation is reportedly looking to fire 11,000 workers this week.

Following a trend in the internet industry after Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook parent Meta substantially reduced their workforces, the corporation is trying to eliminate 5% of its 220,000 employees.

On Wednesday, Microsoft is anticipated to lay off thousands of workers from its engineering and human resources departments.

The business follows the lead of other tech behemoths that have announced layoffs in response to sluggish demand and a deteriorating outlook for the global economy.

Amazon just disclosed that it would be laying off 18,000 employees soon. According to Meta, 11,000 employees would be let go from its payroll.

Salesforce, a provider of cloud software, recently announced the elimination of 8,000 positions.

The layoffs occurred only a few weeks after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued two years of unrest in the computing sector warning.

In a CNBC interview, Nadella stressed the importance of efficiency in digital organizations and acknowledged that Microsoft was not “immune to global events.”

Microsoft is under pressure to maintain growth rates at its cloud business Azure after the slowdown in the PC sector for several quarters had an impact on Windows and device sales.

The company revealed that a few roles had been eliminated in July last year.

According to the news website Axios, less than 1,000 people were let go by Microsoft in October of last year.

The business, which has made significant bets on the development of cloud computing and has a current market value of $1.78 trillion, is expected to disclose second-quarter earnings the following week.

Microsoft “does not comment on rumor or speculation,” a representative said in response to a question from Sky News.

After speculations surfaced that the software giant will not extend its lease at the 26-story City Center Plaza in Bellevue, US, the company announced that it would leave the building amid a tech slowdown and significant layoffs. According to recent company statements, the software behemoth employed 221,000 people full-time, including 122,000 in the US and 99,000 abroad.

Microsoft “does not comment on rumor or speculation,” a representative said in response to a question from Sky News.



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