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Minister Galit Distal-Atberian: ‘Chareidim Are Not Parasites, Not A Burden

By 04/25/2023 12:23 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Information Minister Galit Distal-Atbaryan talked movingly on the contribution of chareidim and chareidi warriors to the state of Israel during a speech at the Bnei Brak military cemetery, where several chareidi heroes are buried.

After grieving parents objected to Atbaryan’s appearance at the cemetery, the ardent supporter of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was meant to represent the state at the event at Nes Tziona, opted not to go.

Atbaryan described the current situation in which the “holy, wonderful, important” chareidi community is going through terrible and painful incitement.

The bravery of chareidi warriors is being disregarded, and the Israeli ethos is purposefully left out in a tearful speech.

“This is much more traumatic,” she continued, “because these troops had to deal with two fronts: they could not show in uniform at home, and the secular public referred to them as draft-dodgers. They persisted in serving the nation despite this, both on the battlefield and studying the Torah.

“I thank you from this place on this holy day. Thanks to the chareidi community as a whole, to the chareidi soldiers and to those who continue to serve in these difficult times despite the immense ridicule and contempt directed at their community, and to the chareidim who serve as role models for us in terms of helping others, volunteering, and doing so in all facets of life, and especially to the Torah scholars who are engrossed in the text day and night to ensure the survival of the Jewish people forever.

You are the Jewish people’s burning torch and Israel’s spiritual iron dome. By diligently studying each daf of gemara, you influence the heavenly realms and serve as a guardian.

You are not an inconvenience, a parasite, or the norm in Israeli society. Instead, you are our crown, the clouds of glory, and the pillar of fire. I would like to thank you on behalf of the Israeli government for everything you do for the nation.


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