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MK Gafni: If the Separate Bathing Pilot Project in National Parks Doesn’t Start, We’ll Pass Legislation

By 08/10/2023 11:44 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Chairman of the Finance Committee Moshe Gafni has privately stated that he will advocate for such separation through legislation if Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara continues to delay and criticize the pilot program for segregated bathing at springs in national reserves.

This is simply a pilot experiment for a month, but we’re trying to do things by consensus, like bathing after opening hours and not harming the public. Gafni remarked, “If the Attorney General rules against this, she’ll make us push for legislation. In the last Knesset session, Gafni himself introduced a bill proposal that would have established segregated swimming hours for at least 15% of the park’s opening hours.

Due to the pilot project being started by the government, the law was not promoted.

For delaying the pilot project despite its importance during the Bein Hazmanim time when yeshiva students are on break, Baharav-Miara was reprimanded by Silman herself on Wednesday.

According to Silman, Baharav-Miara was purposefully hurting Arabs and people of faith who were waiting for this pilot project in order to take advantage of the separate hours.

The experimental initiative will take place in the parks before and after opening hours for just two springs. Secularists, however, contend that this is merely a prelude to legislation that would segregate people during business hours.

The leader of “Free Israel”, Uri Kedar, stated that “MK Gafni can legislate this morning but will find the Israeli public more resolute than ever and unwilling to allow poisonous gender segregation to chip away at the public.”

We’re confident that the Attorney General won’t budge from her previous positions or change the law in response to mafia-style intimidation. Israeli families won’t inquire about group travel this summer or any summer in the future, and Moshe Gafni is definitely not one of them.


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