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Moishy Freund With A New Single “Kol Zman”

By 06/02/2021 2:32 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Talented wedding singer Moishy Freund was sitting in his Sukkah one Yom Tov Sukkes, and spotted a beautiful picture hanging on the wall, where an old shoe maker is sitting in his shop and is fixing shoes to the light of a candle, with the words כל זמן שהנר דולק עוד אפשר לתקן Portraying the story told by the holy R’ Yisroel Salanter, that once he was walking home from Shul late at night and saw the shoe maker still in his shop working, R’ Yisroel approached him and asked: “Why are you here & working so late?” To which the shoe maker replied “You see, as long as the light of the candle is still burning, there’s still time to accomplish..” R’ Yisroel learned & taught a very big Muser Haskel & lesson to his students, that while the light of life is still burning, there’s time to learn Torah & accomplish a lot. Moishy inspired of this tale, started to compose a song with this concept and lyrics, with inspiration to “Do the next right thing” & not wait until it’s Ch”v too late. Then he reached out to the producer of the track Shmily Steinberg, that involved David Taub from Israel to do this incredible arrangement, and after working a long time on the project, the song was finally ready to release!

Listen & Enjoy!

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