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Most Prominent Rabbanim in New York Release Endorsement Urging New York Jews to Vote for Lee Zeldin

By 10/31/2022 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In another major Charedi endorsement for gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, the most prominent rabbanim in New York released a Kol Koreh to Jews across the state, urging them to support and vote for the Republican.

Signed by Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlit”a, Harav Refoel Schorr shlit”a, and Harav Chaim Flohr shlit”a, the Kol Koleh warns that “the pure chinuch of the tinokos shel bais rabban… is now in jeopardy.”

Source: NY Times

It reads: “The New York State government has now declared itself in charge of, and responsible for, the education of our precious sons and daughters. This situation, in and of itself, is a tremendous danger to the chinuch of our children, and who knows where this will end. The new “substantial equivalency” standards would force yeshivos to teach additional secular studies, leaving less time for limudei kodesh and potentially foisting kefirah on youngsters.

The kol koreh says that rabbanim have met with the candidates and “among those in the running are some who are against these decrees. Consequently, we have concluded that we must do everything in our power to enable these candidates to come into the government as the future leaders of our state,” the rabbanim write. “We therefore ask every single one of us to turn out and vote for Lee Zeldin for Governor and Mike Lawler for Congress.”

“Both of these candidates have come out publicly and strongly against these blasphemous abominations, as well as the media that encourage them, by promising to rescind anything that would touch our original, pure chinuch.”


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