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Mother of 11 Mirel Dzaslowski, who was hurt by a dumpster in Geula, was discharged from the hospital

By 01/10/2023 12:26 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Mirel Dzaslowski, a mother of 11 and a member of the Karlin Chasidic group, has been discharged from the hospital after suffering severe burns when a burning dumpster rolled on her three weeks ago during a protest in Geula.

After falling on the sidewalk close to the dumpster and being transported to the hospital in critical condition, Mirel spent three weeks there.

She had both of her lungs damaged and needed extensive life-saving measures, such as artificial respiration until her lungs started working again and various difficult therapies to get better.

Director of the trauma unit Dr. Alon Schwartz commended Mirel on her recovery and said that “Mirel’s resolve to fight for her life for her children despite her serious injury and her incredible willpower, as well as the specialized care she received, has placed her back on her feet.” I hope she has a long and healthy life.

“We are full of gratitude and appreciation to Hashem for all His compassion to us in the past several weeks from when Mirel was seriously injured until the joyful day of her release,” Mirel and her family remarked.

We want to sincerely thank Klal Yisrael for their unceasing prayers, which saved Mirel and allowed her to return to us in good health.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the MDA team, the nurses and medical staff at the Shaare Tzedek ICU and surgical department, as well as all the medical advisers who were with us throughout this time for their tireless care.

We want to be clear that as practicing Jews, we have no ill intent toward any Jew, and we pray for greater unity and peace among Jews.


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