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MP Abbott is suspended by the UK Labour Party for saying that Jews don’t experience systemic racism

By 04/23/2023 10:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Diane Abbott was placed on administrative leave by the opposition Labour Party in Britain on Sunday, awaiting an investigation after she claimed in a letter to the public that Jews do not experience institutional racism.

Jewish, Irish, and Traveller people “undoubtedly experience prejudice,” said Abbott in a letter to the Observer newspaper.

However, he continued, “This is akin to racism, and the two words are often used as if they are interchangeable.

This bias can affect various white people with differences, such as redheads. But racism does not affect them throughout their entire lives.

The black Abbott said, “There were no individuals in chains aboard the slave ships when slavery was at its height.

A Labour official responded that the party “completely condemns these comments, which are deeply offensive and wrong.”

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Abbott stated that she wished to “wholly and renounce my words,” attributing the situation to “an original draft being emailed.

“There is no justification, and I want to say I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone.

Racism can take many different forms, and it is beyond dispute that Jews, Irish, Travelers, and many others have endured its horrible impacts.

Under former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was frequently accused of encouraging antisemitism and enabling it to infest Labour, Abbott served as the shadow interior minister.

Abbott claimed in 1996 that the “blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls” employed by her community hospital were unfit for the position because they had “never met a black person before.”

Abbott stated on Twitter on January 4, 2012, “White people love playing ‘divide and rule.’ We should not play their game.”

Keir Starmer, the current Labour leader, sponsored a resolution in March barring Corbyn from seeking office on the party’s behalf. The party’s national executive committee voted 22–12 to impose the 40–year ban.

As a result of Corbyn’s continued denial of a Labour report on his antisemitism, he was ultimately suspended.

He has endorsed Hamas, released a Rosh Hashanah video with a supporter, called Hezbollah members “friends,” written the foreword to an anti-Semitic book that was republished in 2011, spoken at a conference in which he compared Israel to Nazi Germany, and signed a 2002 document that accused Israel of genocide and apartheid.

Hamas lauded him in 2019.

A 2020 investigation into antisemitism in Labour by the Equality and Human Rights Commission concluded that the group was “responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination.”

Starmer has apologized and stated that his predecessor would not be permitted to run as a Labour candidate in the upcoming election.


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