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Musk Justifies Cost Cuts, Says Twitter Is In A Precarious Situation

By 12/21/2022 2:45 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Because of debt obligations associated with his $44 billion acquisition of the business, Elon Musk argues that his drastic cost-cutting at Twitter is vital for the social media service’s survival in the upcoming year.

Musk described the company to a late-night audience on a Twitter Spaces call on Tuesday: “This company is like, basically, you’re in a jet that is heading towards the ground at great speed with the engines on fire, and the controls don’t work.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Elon Musk stated that he intends to continue serving as Twitter’s CEO until he can identify a suitable candidate to take his place.

After millions of Twitter users demanded that Musk resigns in a vote the billionaire himself designed and vowed to follow, Musk made his announcement.

“As soon as I find someone naive enough to accept the CEO position, I will step down!

Musk tweeted this. “After that, I’ll merely be in charge of the servers and software teams.”

Musk’s tenure as CEO of the San Francisco-based social media network has been characterized by hastily announced rules and policies that are frequently retracted or altered shortly after being made public.

Musk claimed on Tuesday night that he had “spent the last five weeks slashing expenses like crazy” and working to create a more robust premium membership service since, in the absence of those efforts, Twitter may have a $3 billion loss in 2019.

He laid some of the responsibility on the $12.5 billion in debt stemming from his April agreement to purchase the business as well as the recent interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.

Musk’s activities have alarmed Twitter advertisers and alienated users in some cases.

The business established a council of trust and safety advisors to address hate speech and other issues on the platform in 2016.

Since then, he has fired over half of Twitter’s staff, dismissed contract content moderators, and abolished the council.

Due to worries that Twitter is stealing too much of his attention and possibly insulting devoted fans, the CEO of Tesla has alienated investors at his electric vehicle company.

Tesla shares are falling, which is even more unsettling for investors.

Since Musk took over Twitter on October 27, Tesla shares have been down 35%, costing investors billions of dollars.

On April 1, the final trading day before Musk announced he was accumulating Twitter shares, Tesla’s market capitalization was over $1.1 trillion.

Since then, the firm has lost 58% of its value at a time when other automakers are challenging Tesla’s monopoly on the selling of electric vehicles.

As they have every day this week, shares decreased on Wednesday.

Initially, for over $400 each, Tesla shares are available for less than $140.

Musk tried to defend some of his most recent Twitter actions on the Twitter Spaces call.

Musk stated that sometimes they “may seem spurious, strange, or whatever.” “It’s because we are currently doing an emergency fire practice.

That is the cause.

Not because I’m impulsive by nature.

I don’t tend to be impulsive naturally, at least not in my ideal world.

Musk, who also runs the rocket business SpaceX, has previously emphasized how challenging it will be to find a replacement for him as CEO of Twitter.

This week, when joking with his Twitter followers, he claimed that the person taking his place “must like pain a lot” to oversee a business that has been “in the fast lane to bankruptcy.”

“No one wants the position that can genuinely maintain Twitter’s existence. No successor exists, Musk tweeted.

As it stands, Musk would continue to have a significant amount of control over the platform because he owns it.

Soon after assuming power, the board of directors was removed.



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