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Musk Says Twitter should Change its logo to “X” From the bird

By 07/23/2023 6:05 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Elon Musk announced on Sunday that he intends to replace Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo with an “X.”

This would be the most significant change since Musk paid $44 billion for the social media network last year.

Just after 1:00 a.m., he sent a series of tweets on his Twitter account. ET, the owner of Twitter, stated that he plans to implement the change as soon as Monday.

Musk posted on his account, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Given Musk’s lengthy use of the moniker “X,” Allen Adamson, co-founder of marketing consultancy Metaforce, believes the change is not unexpected.

In a tweet from late October, the multibillionaire CEO of Tesla stated that “buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., also known as SpaceX, is Elon Musk’s rocket business.

And in 1999, Musk established, a firm that would later become PayPal, a provider of online banking services. Musk tweeted on Sunday, “Not sure what subtle hints gave it away, but I like the letter X.

However, the social media website received harsh criticism for the changes made to Twitter.

A significant portion of Twitter’s audience, which has already lost interest in the social media site due to a number of other significant changes Musk has made, will find the shift to be quite perplexing, according to Adamson.

He predicted they wouldn’t succeed. “It’s a fitting ending to a phenomenal unwinding of an iconic brand and business.” Musk implemented new curfews on his digital town square earlier this month, which drew harsh criticism for the possibility that it would scare away more sponsors and diminish its status as a trailblazer in culture.

In an effort to increase Twitter revenue, Musk launched an $8 per month premium service earlier this year that has a higher tweet-viewing threshold.

Since Musk took control of the business and fired about three-fourths of the staff to cut expenses and prevent insolvency, revenue has fallen drastically.

Linda Yaccarino, a seasoned NBC Universal executive, was appointed by Musk as Twitter’s CEO in May.

Musk and Twitter need to attract advertisers after a large number left Twitter in the early months of his takeover, fearing harm to their brands in the engulfing chaos.

Due in part to the adjustments Musk made that made it possible for more offensive content to grow and alienate a larger portion of the platform’s audience, advertisers have reduced their expenditure.

Musk claimed that advertising had returned in late April but didn’t give any further details.

Musk’s decision to make an “X” the new Twitter emblem also comes as Twitter encounters fresh opposition from Meta’s recently released Threads program.

For many who were dissatisfied with Twitter, it has been viewed as an alternative. A text-based version of Instagram, the photo-sharing app from Meta, is being marketed as Threads.

According to the business, it provides “a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations.

According to a post on Threads by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, 100 million individuals signed up for Threads in the first five days after its introduction.


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