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Naftoli Moster Energized by Endorsement of Hochul

By 11/02/2022 1:12 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The goal of Naftuli Moster’s life appears to have been to compel the state to regulate and control the Yeshivos’ curricula state-wide.

In September, the New York State Board of Regents decided to adopt rather extensive regulations for Yeshiva curriculums across the state. According to the State Board of Regents decision, all private schools, including yeshivos, must demonstrate that they are offering a fundamentally secular education to continue receiving government support.

The current governor, Kathy Hochul, and the former head of Yaffed, Naftoli Moster, backed the Board of Regents decision wholeheartedly.

Most members of the Torah community sided with Hochul’s rival Lee Zeldin because Hochul supported the Board of Regents’ choice.

Moster is also aware that Hochul needs to be re-elected to keep this “victory” for his agenda.

However, Moster is aware that if he openly encourages the lady in charge of dismantling the autonomy of Yeshiva education, he risks inciting a rebellion against Hochul’s re-election.

So, save from a few revealing tweets, Moster is purposefully keeping quiet.

Moster tweeted, “Hey New Yorkers, New York might legitimately get a republican governor soon because Yeshiva leaders wanted Governor Kathy Hochul to intervene against efforts to bring their schools into compliance, and she refused. As punishment, they are mobilizing their bloc votes for Zeldin.”

It is somewhat surprising that a Hasidic leader would back Hochul and, consequently, her stance on taking away Yeshivos and Chadarim’s control over the curriculum.

Although Yaffed, Naftoli Moster, and the liberal anti-Torah group support such an endorsement, many suspects that it may be predicated on a bargain for additional money in some other way, even if it would entail “selling out” the larger Torah community.

Most Hasidic organizations, including the Brooklyn-based Bobov, Bobov-45, and Belz, support Republican Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk) for governor.

The [Hasidic] leaders have been quite engaged, according to Zeldin. They want to combat the escalating violence of anti-Semitism.



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