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National Guard Face Challenge As Troops Leave At Faster Pace

By 10/09/2022 4:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

There are worries that in the upcoming years, Army National Guard units across the nation may not be able to meet military standards for overseas and other deployments since soldiers are leaving the Army National Guard quicker than they are joining.

Some are falling short of their soldier totals this year for particular states, while others may perform better. States rely on National Guard personnel for a variety of responsibilities.

However, the losses come when many deals with a busy hurricane season, fires in the West, and a persistent need for troops to serve overseas on combat tours in Syria and training missions in Europe for countries concerned about Russian threats.

Officials claim that more troops have retired or left the Guard over the past year than have joined, for a net loss of around 7,500 military members annually.

Shortages in recruiting and a rise in the number of soldiers choosing not to reenlist after their tour is over are the leading causes of the issue.

The losses indicate a more significant personnel crisis affecting the entire U.S. military, as all branches of the armed forces struggled to reach recruitment targets this year.

They also highlight the necessity of broad changes in the military’s recruitment and retention practices for citizen soldiers and airmen who must combine their full-time civilian occupations with their military obligations.

The Army National Guard’s chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Rich Baldwin stated that the present staffing issues are the worst in the past 20 years but that the impact on Guard preparedness has been “limited and controllable.”

The National Guard Bureau’s chief, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, claims that the Army and Air Guards both fell short of their targets for the overall number of service members in the fiscal year that concluded last Friday.

The allowed number for the Army Guard is 336,000, and for the Air, Guard is 108,300.

Baldwin claimed that while the Army Guard ended the fiscal year approximately 2% behind its target, it had begun the year with a little more than its intended amount.

A 10% decrease in the number of current soldiers who choose to reenlist contributed to that dip. According to Hokanson, the Air Guard fell short of its overall aim by around 3%.

There are numerous causes.

However, according to Guard leaders, the call to serve young people may not be as strong as it was following the September 11, 2001 attacks, when the United States was at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Baldwin, estates started seeing higher-than-anticipated troop losses when operations in Iraq and Afghanistan began to wind down several years ago.

He claimed that during leaving interviews, soldiers gave a variety of justifications for not re-enlisting. Baldwin said they had enlisted to serve their nation, not to make the Army Guard their career, but “unexpectedly, they found that one rationale common to many of their soldiers was based on the assumption that the war was made.”

The same might apply now, he said. Guard members were significantly involved in various domestic events in 2020 and 2021, including medical care, COVID-19 testing, and vaccinations.

These emergencies ranged from natural disasters and civil unrest to the pandemic.


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