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Netanyahu: ‘Everyone Has an Opinion on Israel

By 07/31/2023 12:09 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


During an interview with Fox News that aired on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a swipe at foreign intrusions into Israeli democracy.

I was democratically elected six times over the course of 16 years, yet during that period I never voiced an opinion on internal disputes in other democracies.

The prime minister responded to a query from host Mark Levin of “Life, Liberty, and Levin” by saying, “I have chosen not to do that.

Everybody has a viewpoint about Israel. They don’t have a viewpoint on the unrest in France or the discussions taking place in other nations, Netanyahu continued.

In America, there is currently a significant debate between the executive branch and the Supreme Court, and I really don’t like to remark on it.

People decide to make remarks concerning ours. It’s all right; we’ll decide for ourselves.

The elected representatives of the people make choices in independent states with sovereign democracies, and Israel will follow suit.

Netanyahu has been urged by the U.S. President Joe Biden has on numerous occasions sought a broad agreement before moving forward with the judicial reform initiative.

The president stated that “it appears that the current judicial reform proposal is becoming more divisive, not less.”

in a remark to Axios that was published on July 23.

The multitude of risks and difficulties Israel is currently facing make it unnecessary for Israeli leaders to hasten this; rather, the emphasis should be on bringing people together and achieving consensus, he continued.

In his Fox interview, Netanyahu refuted the assertion made by the reform movement’s critics that it was undermining Israel’s democracy, saying instead that it was “strengthening democracy.

Restoring it to the level of most democracies is our goal. Where Israel should be now in the upcoming decades compared to where it was in its first fifty years

Israel’s 15 Supreme Court justices, led by Chief Justice Esther Hayut, are “respectable people,” he said, adding, “I don’t have anything bad to say about them as individuals.

However, he continued, it was unfair that unelected judges should get to decide on issues instead of the people. There is harmony. We are working to get things back in balance.

This is simply stupid, and they say that’s the end of democracy,” he remarked.

The prime minister has been conducting a foreign media blitz since his coalition put a crucial piece of judicial reform legislation into law last week. The Fox News interview is part of this campaign.


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