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Netflix Chided for Portraying Jewish Criminal With Horns

By 12/30/2022 8:26 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Netflix is under fire from critics for using antisemitic images to promote a new Bernie Madoff movie.

The streaming service used an antisemitic stereotype that dates back at least hundreds of years to show Madoff with horns and pointy ears in an advertisement.

In a tweet, “Jew in the City” founder Allison Josephs slammed Netflix, writing, “Madoff is a bona fide villain, but it is NOT appropriate to put horns on a Jew. A pre-medieval motif involves Jews shown as horned devils.

Some have claimed that the horned image used by Netflix to promote “Bernie Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street” implied that Jews are Satanic.

Tweeted by “Stop Antisemitism,” “Bernie Madoff is a thief. a burglar. A thief who stole millions from charitable organizations and innocent people. Netflix could easily depict any or all of the aforementioned without the “greedy and nasty Jew with horns” approach.

Josephs said that the business addressed her complaints. She tweeted, “We had a great discussion with @Netflix about poor Jewish portrayal. “They want to learn from us,” we are told.

She also addressed the subject on her blog, writing, “We now have a relationship with Netflix because of our Hollywood Bureau…we were extremely impressed by how open they were in our first meeting and how interested they are in learning from us.”

She continued, we want to have some severe dialogues with them in the coming year.

Josephs omitted to say what outcomes she anticipates or whether Netflix is willing to make any specific adjustments in addition to having a meaningful conversation.

Netflix has a sort of infatuation with programs like “My Unorthodox Life,” “Shtisel,” and the 2017 documentary “One of Us,” which have a very poor portrayal of Orthodox Jews.



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