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New Details Emerge About Lone Terrorist Who Killed 3 Israeli Soldiers On Egyptian Border

By 06/04/2023 9:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Three IDF soldiers, Ori Yitzhak Illouz, Lia Bin-Nun, and Ohad Dahan, were killed in a deadly attack on the Egyptian border early Saturday morning by a lone terrorist.

These new revelations raise concerns about the preparedness and security measures at the otherwise quiet Egyptian border.

The attacker was holding a Quran, demonstrating his radicalization. He appeared to act alone and without aid. According to the IDF, that motivated him to carry out the attack.

According to Galei Tzahal, the terrorist had a knife on him that he used to cut the zip ties keeping the gate he entered locked.

Israeli and Egyptian border guards would use the unofficial entrance when necessary and in concert. Six rifle magazines were discovered on the terrorist, an Egyptian policeman, proving that the attack was well-thought-out.

The attacker had a bag packed with supplies as he went approximately six kilometers (3.7 miles) from his base, scaled a cliff, and arrived at the border fence, according to information reported by Maariv.

He approached the troops, who were unaware of him, by opening a gate on the wall that was designed to be opened quickly and was only secured with a zip tie using one of the knives he was carrying.

The terrorist protected his position by concealing himself with rocks. He was missed by watchers watching security cameras for some reason.

Lia Bin-Nun and Ori Yitzhak Illouz were killed when the terrorist opened fire on the soldiers from roughly 150 meters.

The last time anyone heard from the soldiers at the guard station was just after 4:00 AM, while they were shot at around 6:00 AM.

The battalion commander arrived to change shifts a few minutes before 9:00 that morning and found the horrific scene.

It was also discovered that at roughly 6:00 AM, a second guard station nearby reported hearing gunfire, but as gunshots are frequently heard in the region, no extra attention was paid to the claim.

Numerous forces were dispatched to the area after the discovery of the two bodies, and at the same time.

Despite using technology tools, such as a drone, to locate the terrorist, forces decided to approach him rather than shoot him from above. Sgt. Ohad Dahan was killed when the terrorist opened fire on the troops from a few hundred meters away after initially recognizing them.

The company commander then dispatched him.



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