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New GOP Rep. Santos is requested to resign by the New York Republicans

By 01/11/2023 7:03 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Local Republican leaders in New York demanded George Santos’ immediate resignation on Wednesday.

Santos is under investigation by authorities for mishandling his personal and campaign funds and fabricating his background and ancestry.

He didn’t just makeup lies. He degraded the House of Representatives, claimed Nassau County Republican Committee chairman Joseph Cairo Jr. at a press conference.

Here at Republican headquarters, he is not welcome.

There is no way for the local party to oust Santos from office.

He was sworn in as an American. dwelling last week.

The action was taken a day after two Democrats from New York requested that the House Ethics Committee looks into Santos. According to Reps, Santos also failed to provide “timely, correct and comprehensive” financial disclosure forms.

In a letter to the committee, Ritchie Torres and Dan Goldman added that the ones he submitted were “sparse and confusing.”

The nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center asked officials to look into Santos in a complaint it filed with the Federal Election Commission earlier this week.

According to the center, the commission should “thoroughly probe what appear to be similarly brazen lies about how his campaign raised and used the money” because of the “mountain of lies” Santos spread about his background and credentials during the campaign.

An out homosexual Republican named Santos won a Long Island House district held by Democrats for ten years.

At first, this victory was hailed as a success for his party in an otherwise disappointing midterm election.

Santos became a diversion and embarrassment for the party once it gained control of the House as it became clear that he had lied about having Jewish ancestry, a career at prestigious Wall Street businesses, and a college degree.

Santos lost to Democrat Tom Suozzi on his first attempt to run for Congress in 2020.

In a district that includes some Long Island suburbs and a small portion of Queens, he campaigned again in 2022, taking on Democrat Robert Zimmerman.



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