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New Hampshire becomes the 37th State to Take Action Against Israeli boycotters

By 07/07/2023 2:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


As of today, New Hampshire is the 37th state in the union to have enacted anti-BDS legislation.

On Thursday, Republican governor Chris Sununu issued an executive order prohibiting the state from funding businesses that boycott Israel or their trading partners.

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli ambassador to the UN, was present for the ceremony. Erdan spoke to Sununu and said, “Your important step is to build an economic Iron Dome that ensures our mutual progress and prosperity.

But you’re also safeguarding our common interests. Additionally, you are strengthening the ethical Iron Dome that guards the virtues of justice, truth, and morality.

Erdan also gave the U.N. his full attention. investigation commission looking at the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

The commission has received harsh criticism from the United States and a large number of other nations for its partiality, a history of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity among its members, and a single mandate that lasts forever and enables it to express an opinion on any and all conflict-related issues.

Recently, the panel chastised American states for adopting legislation that forbade boycotts of Israel.

The right response to this anti-Semitic U.N. New Hampshire’s support for Israel today a commission,” Erdan said.

“We must delegitimize those who delegitimize us and boycott those who boycott us.” Erdan cited the effects anti-BDS legislation has had on businesses like Ben & Jerry’s and Airbnb, which tried to sever relations with Jewish communities outside the 1949 armistice lines but were persuaded to reverse course by different state officials.

Sununu’s decision was applauded by the Israeli-American Coalition for Decision (IAC for Action), which worked on anti-BDS legislation in New Hampshire and other states. IAC for Action chairman Shawn Evenhaim said, “IAC for Action applauds Gov. Sununu for speaking out against national origin discrimination and protecting the significant cultural and business links between Israel and New Hampshire.

This executive order defends New Hampshire businesses’ independence and liberty from the BDS hate movement’s coercive and intimidating tactics.

Similar to New York State, Sununu’s executive order has no legal standing because it was not approved by the legislature and might be changed or expanded at any time by subsequent governors.

The legislatures of the other 35 states mentioned above have passed anti-BDS legislation.

At the ceremony on Thursday, former U.S. A letter addressed to the UN was presented by South Carolina Representative Alan Clemmons. Authorities, members of the Commission of Inquiry, and 42 state lawmakers all signed the document.

The commission’s condemnation of anti-BDS laws, according to the letter, is an “unwelcome intrusion into our states’ affairs and democratic processes and is based upon gross misrepresentations and identifiably antisemitic canards.”

The letter’s signatories stated that they “condemn your study and draw attention to the authenticity of your findings. Furthermore, we disagree with any moral or legal authority you might assume.


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