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New Information in Moishy Kleinerman’s Case: Was a Pedophile Abusing Him?

By 12/11/2022 3:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Israeli police are continuing their hunt for the missing young Charedi youngster after receiving some good news in the case of Moishy Kleinerman.

Israeli media reporting on what sparked the current activities have been inconsistent. Others have refuted that assertion and stated that authorities had discovered new indicators that might be evidence close to the last location Moishy was seen alive.

Arutz Sheva highlighted an unfounded report that DNA evidence connected to the case was found.

More than nine months after his disappearance, police searches in Meron, where he was last seen, will continue on Monday.

Moishy was likely molested more than once by a recognized culprit in the months before his abduction, according to information obtained by the media from a very trustworthy source.

When urging authorities to follow up on leads last week, his mother, Giti Kleinerman, made mention of the same report.

“Despite the efforts and investigations of the Israel Police, the IDF’s missing person unit, the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Drone Unit, and other specialized agencies, not a single clue has been unearthed that would throw light on the reason for our Moishe’s disappearance,” she stated.

According to Mrs. Kleinerman, a line of inquiry has concentrated on the possibility that Moishe was taken by a pedophile who is thought to have targeted Charedi youths.

“I know there is some line of investigation relating to a person who probably injured Charedi girls and boys, but the Charedi public is unwilling to submit complaints with the police or speak about it,” the mother said.

“It’s hard to get through week after week without our beautiful Moishe.” I met those who had suffered harm in Jerusalem, and I urged the rabbis and the parents of the injured boys and children to speak up and report the incident to the police. I’m willing to accompany the victims to the police station.

Help us bring Moishe home, please. How long will this continue? ”

“At the same time, we are appreciative of and still moved by the love, support, and prayers that the Jewish people of Israel and the rest of the world continue to show us. Nothing compares to our extraordinary individuals.

Now that Moishe has become everyone’s child, it’s time to unravel this enigma.


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