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New York Comes Out As Exception To Strong Election For Dems

By 11/11/2022 10:02 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

While most of the country’s Democrats celebrated a better-than-expected election performance this week, New York stood out as a significant exception, where defeats and underwhelming results sparked a round of introspection and finger-pointing inside the party.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who oversaw the House Democrats’ campaign organization, held one of the four congressional districts the Republicans took over.

Democratic governor Kathy Hochul defeated Republican Lee Zeldin by a small margin after replacing former governor Andrew Cuomo last year.

Since Mario Cuomo’s defeat to Republican George Pataki in 1994, it was the state’s closest governor’s election.

Even in the US, there were indications of Republican gains.

Senate contest Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, faced his most competitive reelection race since 1998.

Schumer is well-liked throughout New York and makes a point of traveling to each of the 62 counties every year.

While Schumer generally defeats Republicans Joe Pinion by at least 30 points in reelection contests, that margin was less than half on Tuesday.

Mark Levine, the Democratic borough president of Manhattan, claimed that “we did worse than Democrats nationally.” “I don’t believe Joe Biden is to blame for what occurred in New York State,”

Republicans and Democrats blamed a confluence of problems for the outcomes, including a lackluster campaign and a tardy response from Democrats to the way Republicans played on people’s worries about violent crime.

Democrats intended to benefit from a redistricting scheme, but it backfired.

Additionally, the GOP earned significant gains in various suburban and urban neighborhoods.

This week, Democrats anticipated setbacks in several states, particularly in Florida, a former swing state that has turned increasingly Republican.

But given that they occurred in a state where Democrats had twice as many registered voters as Republicans, the New York challenges were incredibly distressing.


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