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In yet another evident case of biased reporting against the Jewish community in New York, media reports drew attention to the fact that the New York Times miserably failed to address the spree of attacks across Riverdale’s synagogues and Jewish Centres, even after the perpetrator was allowed to Scott free despite the 42 charges against him. 

Source: (Photo: Ken Evseroff/PIX11 News)

Angered by the selective reporting against the Jewish community, several New Yorkers brought attention to the fact that the New York Times had not reported even one of the developments that took place in the synagogue attacks in Riverdale, even after Jordan Burnette, the 29-year-old perpetrator was arrested and then released by the court, leaving the residents of Riverdale in a state of constant fear.

On the other hand, if a Jew was to have, even mistakenly thrown a rock at a property, the New York Times would have been the first to do a full-blown story over it. Also reported by The Algemeiner, who first brought this shortcoming to attention, it is clarified that there appears to be no headline in recent days about the case.

Source: The Times of Israel (Screen capture/News12 Connecticut)

A writer with The Algeimeiner also wrote an email to the newspaper’s new metro editor, James Dao, asking why the Times had decided to skip covering the attacks on the synagogues. Dao did not get back to him with a reply, which further went on to show the apathy. The writer went on to come to the conclusion that the paper was institutionally bad at covering antisemitism, giving a few instances of how the publication had misreported incidents related to Jews. 

Instead, the New York Times’ Jewish coverage mostly wrongfully maintains the stance that the Jewish population is responsible for spreading measles and coronavirus while sponging on welfare, failing to educate their children, and supporting an apartheid state.



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