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No Criminal Charges Expected From Giuliani Raid

By 11/15/2022 10:13 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to the letter sent to a court on Monday, New York prosecutors do not intend to file criminal charges against Rudy Giuliani concerning an investigation into his interactions with Ukrainian officials.

Giuliani’s attorney hailed the development as a “complete success.”

After reviewing the evidence gathered during searches of his home and legal office in April 2021, they claimed to have reached this conclusion.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, federal prosecutors looked into whether Giuliani was required to register as a foreign agent due to his interactions with individuals in Ukraine.

Authorities claimed that a grand jury investigation culminated in the issuance of warrants and the seizure of Giuliani’s electronic devices had concluded.

According to the information, they declared that no criminal charges would be filed.

The Associated Press was told by Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, that “in my business, we would call that tremendous success.”

“We value what the US attorney’s office has accomplished. We wish it had been done much earlier.

As part of a federal investigation of Giuliani’s interactions with Ukrainian authorities to see whether he broke the law governing lobbying on behalf of foreign governments or entities, sixteen of Giuliani’s devices were seized.

Giuliani is a lawyer, a former mayor of New York City, and the former counsel for President Donald Trump.

Although there are certain exceptions, his communications with clients are generally protected by the law.

Giuliani insisted he had done nothing illegal during the investigation.

Giuliani appeared on a talk program when the prosecutors filed the charges.

Thus, he was ostensibly oblivious to the situation.

Federal prosecutors’ spokesperson Nicholas Biase declined to comment on the court document.

A special grand jury in Atlanta is still looking into attempts by Trump and others to void the former president’s loss in Georgia in the 2020 election, and Giuliani is one of the targets.

In August, Giuliani gave a grand jury testimony, although he was upbeat upon his return to New York, declaring that he had “completed his commitment under the subpoena.”


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