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Nuclear Warhead Production in North Korea Will Increase “Exponentially”

By 01/01/2023 11:18 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

State media stated on Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to create a more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile and accelerate nuclear warhead manufacturing “exponentially,” suggesting escalating hostilities with the United States, South Korea, and other nations.

Hours after North Korea launched a ballistic missile into its eastern waters to begin 2023 with another weapons test following a record-breaking number of missile launches in 2018, Kim’s remarks at an important governing party meeting were made public.

According to the official Korean Central News Agency, Kim said, “The current situation calls for our country to double down our efforts to strengthen our military power overwhelmingly to safeguard our sovereignty, safety, and basic national interest to cope with the dangerous military moves by the U.S. and other hostile forces that target us.”

KCNA quoted Kim as adding that to mass-produce tactical nuclear weapons, North Korea must increase manufacturing “exponentially.”

Additionally, it stated that Kim had given the go-ahead to produce a brand-new variety of intercontinental ballistic missiles with a quick retaliation assault capability.

Kim is claimed to have also said that North Korea will soon launch its first military spy satellite.

According to a statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, South Korea’s military discovered Sunday’s launch from the North’s capital region at about 2:50 a.m.

According to the report, approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) were covered by the missile before it landed in the sea between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff described the launch as “a grave provocation” that jeopardized international security and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The United States and South Korea are said to monitor North Korean actions closely and to remain ready to respond to any provocations.

According to a statement from the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the launch emphasizes “the destabilizing consequences” of North Korea’s illegal weapons programs. It stated that American vows to defend Japan and South Korea “remain solid.”

Over 70 missile tests were conducted by North Korea last year. Some experts claim that in the long run, the nation wants to build up its arsenal of weapons and exert more pressure on its adversaries to secure concessions like lifting sanctions.

North Korea launched three short-range ballistic missiles on Saturday toward its eastern waters.

State-run media in North Korea revealed on Sunday that the nation tested the capability of its super-large multiple rocket launcher by conducting test firings.

According to the official Korean Central News Agency, three shells fired from the launcher on Saturday hit an island target off the country’s eastern coast with pinpoint accuracy.

It said that North Korea launched another shell into its eastern waters on Sunday.

Because of their trajectories, ranges, and other features, the weapons fired from the launcher are classified as ballistic missiles by outside specialists.

The North may have launched a missile for the second day in a row in retaliation to rival South Korea’s latest rocket test in connection with its intention to set up a space-based surveillance system to better monitor North Korea.

The South Korean military reported successfully test-launched a solid-fueled rocket on Friday.

This is the same kind of space launch vehicle that South Korea hopes to employ in the future to launch its first spy satellite into orbit.

Since early last week, when South Korea accused North Korea of using drones to penetrate their vigorously defended border for the first time in five years, and when it launched its drones in the North, tensions between the two Koreas have worsened.

The five North Korean drones South Korea claimed to have discovered south of the border were not all shot down, it was admitted.

But South Korea has vowed to strengthen its air defense system and become more resolute in response to North Korea’s future provocations.



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