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Nvidia Announces Israel-1 AI Supercomputer

By 05/29/2023 7:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Nvidia Corporation, based in California, revealed on Monday at Computex 2023 in Taiwan that it will construct Israel-1, one of the most potent AI supercomputers ever, at its facilities in Israel.

One of the fastest AI supercomputers in the world, Israel-1, is anticipated to have peak AI performance of up to 8 exaflops, according to a statement from Nvidia.

A supercomputer’s performance is measured in exaflops when it can perform at least one quintillion (1018) floating-point operations per second.

Additionally, peak performance of more than 130 petaflops for conventional scientific computing workloads is anticipated from Israel-1.

One quadrillion (1015) floating-point operations can be carried out on a 1-petaflop computer machine every second.

By year’s end, the system, which is valued at several hundred million dollars, is anticipated to start early production.

Gilad Shainer, the organization’s senior vice president of HPC (high-performance computing) and networking, asserted that “AI is the most significant technological force of our lifetime, and Nvidia is committed to staying at its forefront.”

He continued, “Israel-1 represents a significant investment that will help us foster innovation both domestically and internationally.”

The system will be built on the recently unveiled Nvidia Spectrum-X networking architecture, a new category of Ethernet platform created to boost the effectiveness and performance of Ethernet-based AI clouds.

When complete, Israel-1 will have 256 HGX H100 GPU systems from Dell Technologies that integrate 2,048 Nvidia H100 80GB GPUs, more than 34 million CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores, over 1 million fourth-generation Tensor cores, 2,560 BlueField-3 DPUs, and 80 Spectrum-4 switches.


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