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NY State Senator Accused of Disrespectfully Tweeting About Jewish Man’s Face

By 02/28/2023 9:08 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A New York City Democrat lawmaker is accused of mocking a Jew on Twitter because of his appearance.

Julia Salazar, a state senator, is accused of making fun of David Kelsey for having a “stereotypically Jewish look.”

The dispute started when Kelsey criticized Salazar for focusing more on her tattoos than her voting record in a comment.

A meeting Salazar attended was described as “another opportunity for folks I have known for numerous years to realize suddenly

I have 20 tattoos on my body,” in a tweet by Salazar.

“When your record is too far out there to get specific during campaign season… ” I have 20 tattoos on my body,” caustic Kelsey tweeted as @TheKvetcher.

In response, Salazar provided a snapshot of Kelsey’s biography and a close-up of his head, focusing on his face, with the words “Submitted without criticism.”

“Senator Salazar, what can I say? Actually, my grandparents are Jewish. And this is how I look,” Kelsey remarked, alluding to Salazar’s assertions that she was Jewish, which seem to have been unfounded and from which she later claimed to retract.

The tweet has now been removed, but Kelsey posted a screenshot.

Senator Salazar, what can I say? Kelsey retorted. Actually, my grandparents are Jewish. This is how I appear.

I look stereotypically Jewish, and she was just making fun of that, Kelsey told the New York Post. If you’re not going to blow my face up like that.

Salazar claimed on Twitter that her “anti-occupation views” led to her being refused entry to Israel.

She also purportedly claimed to be a Colombian immigrant, but it was discovered that she was born in Miami.



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