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NYC Comptroller Wants Yeshiva U To Accept LGBTQ Pride Club On Campus

By 02/28/2023 1:03 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In an apparent attempt to coerce the university into letting the club on campus, the comptroller of New York City wrote to Yeshiva University on the Modern Orthodox institution’s protracted legal battle against a student-led Gay organization on campus.

Rabbi Ari Berman, president of Yeshiva University, received a letter from Comptroller Brad Lander on Monday that begins, “As the City’s chief accountability officer, I have been monitoring the situation surrounding your refusal to formally recognize the YU Pride Student Alliance, including the appellate court’s recent affirmation of the lower court’s denial of Yeshiva’s motion to dismiss.

Your students claim that your current methods are discriminatory and in contravention of the human rights laws of New York City.

I must implore your school to reverse direction and provide a safe environment for your LGBTQ+ students and employees to establish a supportive space where they can legitimately express their full selves, the speaker says.

Jewish comptroller Lander is in charge of the city’s finances and accounting.

“All recipients of City funds must certify that they abide by all applicable laws and ordinances, including the New York City Human Rights Law. According to our statistics, the City has given $8.8 million to Yeshiva University since 2010, the letter claims.

The statement continues, “The University’s discriminatory actions may jeopardize future financing and related services.”

Three state legislators wanted a thorough accounting from Y.U. in January. To investigate whether the Modern Orthodox flagship lied about itself to be eligible for more than $230 million in government grants.

Despite being known as a religious university, Yeshiva University is supported by government money and was founded as a secular corporation.

Because doing so would constitute discrimination and a breach of the law, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled in June that the university must abide by the New York City Human Rights Code and recognize the student pride organization.

The institution contended that the court’s meddling violates the right to freedom of religion, a contentious subject in the country’s highest court.

The university submitted a motion for an immediate stay in the US. Supreme Court case was rejected. They also filed an appeal to the New York Supreme Court justice, but an appellate court rejected it.

Gay sex is prohibited by practically all Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law, notwithstanding recent changes in views toward queer people in many Modern Orthodox contexts.

The institution announced the “Kol Yisroel Areivim” Club, an administration-approved group that claimed it would represent LGBTQ students “within traditional Orthodox auspices,” after halting all student club activities at the start of the 2022–23 academic year.

The YU Pride Alliance claimed in a statement at the time that the establishment of the new club was “a desperate gambit by Yeshiva University to divert attention from the growing calls from its donors, alumni, faculty, policymakers, and the business community, who have stood with the YU Pride Alliance as we continue to fight for our rights.”

Lander argues in favor of student-run advocacy organizations in his letter. He says that “student-led groups have historically sought to educate members about their rights as LGBTQ+ persons while fostering a safe space for all students.”

“Yeshiva University’s anti-discrimination policy is completely compromised by not allowing students to form this group under their terms and mission.”

With the New York City Human Rights Law, Lander states that “all receivers of public funding from the City must demonstrate that they are by City rules and legislation.

” You can contribute to ensuring that the rights of LGTBQ+ students at Yeshiva University are respected, honored, and preserved in the City of New York by recognizing the YU Pride Alliance.



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