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NYC Job Ads Will Now Have To Mention Payable Salary In Equal Pay Initiative

By 04/29/2022 1:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In an initiative to ensure equal pay for women and minority communities, all job posts in New York City will have to mention the salary payable upfront.

A measure that was voted on four months ago, will soon require many ads for jobs in the nation’s most populous city to include salary ranges, in the name of giving job applicants, particularly women and people of color, a better shot at fair pay.

This being said, the actual implementation of this measure will have to wait longer as lawmakers voted Thursday to postpone it for five months after employers waved red flags, though businesses didn’t get some other changes they wanted.

Source: TechTarget

Over the last four years, at least seven states from California to Connecticut and at least two cities beyond New York started demanding employers disclose salary information to job-seekers in some circumstances. In many cases, that means upon request and/or after an interview, and there are exemptions for small businesses.

In New York, the law is similar but applies only to employers with four or more workers. That amounts to about 1/3 of employers but roughly 90% of workers in the city, according to state Labor Department statistics.

As it stands, the law says any job notice — from an online ad to an internal company bulletin board — must give the minimum and maximum pay the employer “in good faith believes” it will pay. There’s no limit on how wide the range can be, nor a prohibition on deviating from it if the “good faith” plan changes.

This being said, New York’s Democrat-dominated City Council voted Thursday, 43-8, to tweak its legislation to exempt jobs carried out entirely elsewhere and shift the effective date from May 15 to Nov. 1. 


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