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NYC Mayor Adams softens stance on controversial remarks criticizing the separation of church and state

By 03/05/2023 10:31 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Sunday, Mayor Adams appeared to retract his previously contentious remarks on religion, saying that “religion should not meddle with government and government should not interfere with religion.”

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” he remarked that while religion influences his decisions, he would never “compel” people to adopt his beliefs.

Adams commented last week that disregarded the separation of church and state, a core principle of the American Constitution.

The Christian mayor exclaimed, “Don’t tell me about no separation of church and state,” during a Tuesday interfaith breakfast in Manhattan. Church is the heart, while the state is the body. When the body’s heart is removed, the body expires. As an elected politician, I can’t separate my beliefs.

The New York Civil Liberties Union’s executive director, Donna Lieberman, criticized the remarks, adding, “It is unusual that Mayor Adams would require a refresher on the First Amendment.”

Adams responded “no” when asked on Sunday if he firmly believes in the separation of church and state “from a governance standpoint.”

He added that you could not divorce your beliefs from your actions, adding that neither the government nor religion should meddle in one another’s affairs. Yet my faith motivates me to improve how I run the country.

When pressed on the subject, the mayor reiterated that the government shouldn’t “interfere” with religion.

Adams also talked about Lori Lightfoot’s recent defeat in her bid for reelection as mayor of Chicago.

A crucial topic in the election was how Democrat Lightfoot handled the rising crime rate.

Adams dismissed on Sunday the notion that his fellow Democratic mayors should take note of her defeat.

He said it to be a warning sign for the nation. “Eric Adams has been discussing public safety for the past year, not just while running for office.

The mayor added, “I showed up at crime scenes. “If anything, it’s just confirming what I’ve been saying all along,” the speaker said. America, we need to stay secure.


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