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NYC Mayor Criticizes Feds’ Migrant Response While at Texas Border

By 01/16/2023 11:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

New York Mayor Eric Adams delivered a stinging critique of the federal government’s response to the surge of immigrants into American cities while visiting the border city of El Paso in Texas, saying, “We need unambiguous coordination.”

He stated on Sunday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs to assist the cities where immigrants are moving in.

“Our cities are under attack. We don’t deserve this, either. This is not what migrants deserve. After a weekend trip to El Paso, Adams observed, “And the people who live in the cities don’t deserve this. “We demand more from national leaders to deal with this problem effectively”.

Adams claimed that New York City was overrun. According to Adams, New York City has accepted roughly 40,000 asylum seekers since last spring.

This week, they experienced a record-breaking arrival of nearly 840 asylum seekers in a single day.

“New York is at capacity. Adams stated, “We can’t, and other communities can’t take more.

No city deserves what is taking place, he declared.

Adams, a Democrat, also blasted some governors’ habit of bringing immigrants directly from the border to big cities like New York City. To gain more attention for what he claimed to be the Biden administration’s passivity over high numbers of immigrants, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has deployed buses of immigrants to cities with Democratic mayors during the past year.

Adams pointed out that the Democratic governor of Colorado had similarly bused refugees to New York City.

The two governors’ acts, he claimed, demonstrated “bipartisan disregard for cities, and it was wrong.”Adams said that the federal government should cover the cities’ costs to assist.

We require genuine leadership from FEMA, he declared. A national crisis exists.

Joe Biden, the president, also went to El Paso earlier this month.




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