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NYC Mayor Eric Adams criticizes the Biden administration’s processing times for migrant work permits

By 08/15/2023 6:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Tens of thousands of migrants are pouring into the Big Apple, and on Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams blasted the Biden administration and urged the federal government to speed up the issuance of work permits for them, calling the existing delays “unacceptable.

Hizzoner reiterated his calls for greater federal aid and funding to help the city deal with its immigration crisis, claiming that the Big Apple had been wrongly designated as a national emergency.

During a rally outside Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza, Adams said, “There is no reason the national government is not standing true to the basic principle of the American experience to allow you the right to work.”

It’s not acceptable. Along with other political leaders, including Brooklyn Borough President Anthony Reynoso, the mayor stated that additional assistance was required for New York City to deal with the daily onslaught of migrants.

“It’s unfair as the city continues to evolve that a national crisis and humanitarian crisis of a level that has never been experienced before are now dropped into the lap of this city with no support,” Adams said in the stirring speech.

Reynoso continued by expressing concern that the unchecked migrant crisis would work against the Democrats in the 2024 election. The borough president for Brooklyn declared, “We need those seats.

I want to make it very obvious that during these congressional elections, this might be used against the Democratic Party.

Since early 2022, more than 100,000 asylum seekers have flooded the city, and at this time, 60,000 are being sheltered in the almost 200 municipally run emergency shelters dispersed around the five boroughs.

Adams warned earlier this month that the city is poised to lose a staggering $12 billion over the next three years due to the migrant bottleneck. Adams reminded the crowd at the event that this was the biggest issue the city had faced in a long time.

“We must do it correctly.” In other parts of his speech, Adams criticized “hateful” New Yorkers for pressuring him to reject the asylum seekers.
Don’t turn against one another, New Yorkers.

The enemy wants it, he declared. “This city is meant to represent what the spirit of God is like. Additionally, it does not imply saying, “We don’t want those folks.

The mayor was confronted over the weekend by angry Queens neighbors who were opposing the construction of one of the city’s newest emergency shelters at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, even though he didn’t mention a specific incident.

The mayor was encouraged by Phil Orenstein, a prominent member of the Queens Village Republican Club, to “tell your president” to stop sending immigrants to New York and instead “send them back” to Mexico and Washington, DC.

Adams quickly brushed off calls to deport immigrants as unconstitutional, posing the question, “If I did it, would I be breaking the law?”


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