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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants ‘Pipeline’ To Mend Black-Jewish Relations

By 12/02/2022 12:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he wants to create “a pipeline” of young people from all areas of life to combat hate after attending a mayors’ meeting on antisemitism on Wednesday in Athens.

In a brief phone conversation from Greece, Adams told the New York Jewish Week, “When you see these exchanges that are bad, it’s engaging young people.”

“We must proceed and expand that pipeline. We haven’t done that, and I believe that is where we erred.

When asked about the controversy involving suspended Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving, who tweeted his support for a movie with antisemitic and Holocaust denial themes, Adam’s comment was in response.

Adams seemed to agree that the occurrence posed a risk of further thawing the already tepid relations between Blacks and Jews.

The mistake, in my opinion, was that we stopped expanding the pipeline since many of those who had solid linkages across communities have moved on and possibly passed away, according to Adams.

Several of us are still present.

Adams added, “We have to start them young, doing different sporting events together, playing different video games together, working on projects together, and going to Baptist churches, synagogues, and mosques.”

The communities that value partnerships between the Black and Jewish communities “must now grow and recruit and bring in additional young people,” Adams said in a virtual press conference that followed his one-on-one interview with the New York Jewish Week.

Adams stated, “We have a responsibility to bring those young people together and to start thinking creatively about how we cultivate those ties.

“That is what I have heard from all of the mayors at this workshop and seminar,” the participant said.

Adams said he wanted to “convene together leaders of the social media business” at the same press conference in which he urged federal politicians to become more involved in investigating the impact of social media on hatred.

He added that “it is worrisome to see that many of these perpetrators are not going to jail” and that he wants to hold perpetrators of hate crimes more accountable for their deeds.

More than 50 mayors and municipal officials from around the world are attending the two-day meeting, which got underway on Wednesday.

It was developed in collaboration with the Jewish Federations of North America, the Center for Jewish Impact, an Israeli relationship-building organization, and the Combat Antisemitism Movement, a global alliance of 65 Jewish and interfaith groups.

Adams had a Thursday plan that included visiting the Beth Shalom Synagogue in Athens, laying a wreath at a Holocaust memorial, and meeting with Gabriel Negrin, the city’s Chief Rabbi.

According to a news release, Adams received the conference’s Civic Leadership Award on an opening day for “his dedicated commitment to combatting antisemitism and religious prejudice of all sorts.”

His most recent and greatest achievement in that area was the arrest of two guys threatening to shoot up a synagogue on November 10 at Penn Station, thanks to a tip from the Jewish-run Community Security Initiative.

The Jewish community of New York has, according to a spokesperson of the Brooklyn-based Jewish neighborhood watch organization Flatbush Shomrim, “an extraordinary relationship” with the mayor.

When asked about their connection, Adams said to the New York Jewish Week that he wasn’t attempting to reassure them that everything was well.

According to Adams, “I notice the antisemitic activities occurring.” I am certain that we need to stop them. This was not something the mayor initiated.

As a state senator, borough president, and now as mayor, I have always operated similarly.

The mayor will travel to Qatar for the World Cup after Greece, which his team has billed as a research trip in advance of 2026 when the international soccer championship will feature games at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


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