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NYC mayor says the migrant crisis could cost Democrats at the polls

By 05/21/2023 11:39 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Hizzoner cautioned fellow Democrats on Sunday that the immigration issue could hurt them at the polls amid rumors that the White House is upset by Mayor Eric Adams’ outspoken criticism of President Biden.

Adams likened the refugee situation to public safety when speaking on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart,” which is the central theme of his 2021 campaign.

“Last year, when I spoke about public safety and the overabundance of guns in our nation, many people ignored the voters’ concerns. And I’m saying it once more,” the mayor added.

Adams was recently dropped from the president’s high-profile team of surrogates, a decision widely believed to be in response to the mayor’s strong criticism of Biden’s handling of migrant waves entering New York City.

According to the New York Times, top Biden aides are furious with Adams’ claims that the “national government has turned its back” on the city.

According to reports, they think Adams is egotistical and out to get attention for himself rather than considering the president’s political repercussions.

According to a recent Axios report, Biden’s campaign manager is furious about the mayor’s criticisms.

The Times they highlighted that most Democrats have tried not to criticize the president.

Adams repeatedly urged for more federal assistance to deal with migrants in New York City on Sunday while adamantly stating his support for the president.

The city has struggled to evacuate the most recent immigrants due to an overburdened shelter system.

He recited statistics showing the severity of the crisis to emphasize his point. According to the mayor, the city is housing 42,000 migrants, many of whom are staying in mid-sized hotels.

Because of this, he noted that about 40% of these hotels are occupied because of this.

Adams stated, “This is not sustainable for us, and we believe it’s not right for the city’s people,” noting New York received just $30 million.

He again urged the government to issue migrant workers work authorization swiftly.

Adams argued on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that “this should not be the [weight] of Chicago, Washington, Houston, Denver, and New York City.

How can we achieve genuine, all-encompassing immigration reform? For migrants and asylum seekers to work in different fields, we need to give them the ability to have work status.

Adams argued that Democrats need to change how they frame the immigration policy debate because it is considered a significant weakness for the president as he runs for reelection in 2024.

“Politics are brought up whenever we discuss this topic, and I’m referring to individuals,” he told CBS.


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