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NYC to Pay $1.8 Billion to End “Racist” Teaching Exam Lawsuit

By 07/17/2023 4:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Minorities who wanted to teach in public schools but failed the “racist” teacher exam will receive roughly $2 billion from New York City.

Blacks and Hispanics are receiving compensation from the city as part of a lawsuit settlement for a purportedly racist hiring policy.

Minorities did poorly on more recent exams as well, proving the validity of the test results.

According to the New York Post, some people who have never worked as teachers would receive more than $1 million each. Herman Grim, 64, who will receive $2,055,383 after failing the test “a lot,” was questioned by the Post but was unable to give any specific instances of how the questions were discriminatory.

The standards “are the standards,” a Brooklyn principal who wished to remain anonymous told The Post, adding he did not think it was acceptable to “hire people who are not qualified and change the requirements because a certain group did not pass the test.”

Between 1993 and 1995, prospective teachers took the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, which is the subject of the settlement. More than 90% of white people passed, compared to 53% of black people and even fewer Hispanics.

However, the outcomes of the subsequent teaching tests show that the test was not racially biased. Instead, it might have accurately reflected different levels of understanding.

The majority of states employ the Praxis exam. The National Education Association teacher union collaborated on a 2011 study that found that the Praxis test’s outcomes were comparable to those of the New York City exam.

The study discovered that African-American test takers saw the biggest disparities, with passing rates that were at least 35% lower than those of White test takers.

The NEA claimed that was due to Praxis also being racist, although its own investigation refuted that. According to teachers unions, it is essential to hire more minority instructors since black students do better when their professors are themselves black.

The book “Race to the Bottom” claims that, however, “besides amounting to arguing for segregated classrooms, here, educators’ ineptitude at math is apparent.

Based on a long-term investigation of black and white pupils in Florida, a significant study that is frequently referenced as suggesting a correlation between having a teacher of the same race and better test results discovered an improvement of 0.004 to 0.005 standard deviations for reading. According to statistics, the effect is essentially useless.


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