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NYC’s Orthodox Jewish Organisations Launch Lawsuit Against State Education Dept. Regulations

By 10/13/2022 9:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Standing strong against the injustice proposed against NYC’s Yeshivas, three prominent Orthodox organizations have launched a bombshell lawsuit against the State Education Department. 

The lawsuit filed by PEARLS, Agudath Israel of America, and Torah Umesorah on erev Yom Tov explains the multiple ways that the regulations violate State and Federal law and procedure, including by running a sham Notice and Comment process and by imposing more requirements and restrictions on yeshivas than on public schools.

Source: New York Times

Citing several reasons why Yeshivas instill the right values and intellectual capabilities in the youth, the lawsuit claims, “Yeshivas are the central and irreplaceable pillar of the Orthodox Jewish life in New York. Parents choose yeshiva education for their children, despite their substantial tuition payments, instead of the local public schools because they want their children to have an education that is rooted in Jewish texts and informed by Jewish morality, history, culture, values, ideals, and hopes. Above all, the parents of yeshiva students hope that their children grow into fully-fledged and thoughtful citizens while sustaining and upholding their culture and their religious beliefs, values and traditions.”

The lawsuit then goes on to bring attention to the fact that several attempts by the Education Department had sought to regulate Yeshiva teachings, none of which worked, but the Department persisted. 

Next, the lawsuit states, “There are several independent reasons why the New Regulations, which require yeshivas to obtain the approval of local school authorities after a review and inspection that covers more than 20 different subjects, are improper and must be struck down.”

After listing down several reasons, the lawsuit states that it seeks a declaration that the NYSED’s New Regulations are null and void, and a judgment enjoining Respondents from enforcing the New Regulations because they are contrary to law, arbitrary and capricious, and an abuse of discretion.


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